Waterbody and Shoreline Stabilization

Why do we need Shoreline Stabilization?

Natural shorelines are a vital part of water based ecosystems. A variety of plants, fish, birds, and other animals that live near bodies of water depend on these areas. Shoreline erosion is a natural process that happens as wind, rain, and natural water flow dislodge and carry away the sediment that makes up the shoreline.

This erosion can also impact humans, especially when there are buildings or roads built near bodies of water. When shoreline erodes away in these areas, it can damage the buildings or roads near them.

Hydroseeding for a Healthy Shoreline

For many years, “traditional” shoreline stabilization methods have centered on “hard” construction approaches such as vertical concrete, metal, or wood break-walls. However, the hard walls only changed where the erosion was taking place, instead of stopping it from happening.

What was really needed was a natural solution, that would allow water to flow without removing sediment. That’s where Semper Fi comes in.

Our expertise in hydroseeding allows us to put a stop to shoreline erosion. Our high quality hydro mulch allows us to introduce ground covering vegetation along shorelines quickly, holding sediment in place and stopping erosion in its tracks.


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