Erosion Control

Semper Fi stands up to soil erosion

Erosion control is the process of preventing soil particles from being dislodged.

Erosion control can keep soil disturbances on site to a minimum, lessening the need for extensive soil re-working and minimize the need to maintain sediment control. Best Management Practices can be anything imaginable to prevent or limit sediment and erosion.

When site conditions demand an erosion control solution to be put in place, you need to call Semper Fi. Utilizing Profile’s GreenArmor System, we have mastered the art of keeping soil disturbances on site to a minimum.

The Most Effective Erosion Control Available

Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) are a cost-effective alternative to hard armor, which includes things like rock and concrete.

At Semper Fi, we use the world’s most effective Green Design Engineering solution. We begin with our GreenArmor turf reinforcement mat, which provides a permanent barrier against soil erosion while at the same time laying the foundation for unmatched root reinforcement.

We hydraulically fill the mats with our hydroseed mulch to bond the seeds to the soil and really accelerate growth.

The turf reinforcement mats we use can hold 15-times their weight in water, which is double what other TRMs can offer.

Erosion Control with Hydroseeding

Hydraulic Erosion Control is not only quick, it is a very cost-effective way of controlling erosion. Less soil preparation is required, meaning faster lay-down times and lower costs.

By using top-of-the-line products like the Flexterra High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium(HP-FGM), we offer the greatest assurance of success, even in the harshest environments. Just about every test in the book has proven that Flexterra is unrivaled when it comes to hydraulically-applied mulch products.

Flexterra represents the next generation in flexible growth, and offers the highest germination and growth establishment. It offers near flawless erosion control, it is 100% biodegradable, and non-toxic to offer greater safety for even the most sensitive environments.

Benefits of Using Semper Fi’s Erosion Control Services:

  • Our mulches bond directly to the soil, so they begin working the second it is applied
  • Multiple large-scale testing laboratories have rated Flexterra higher than 99% effective, giving you superior erosion control
  • Even after application, hydroseed mulch lasts through grow-in
  • Mulches are 100% biodegradable
  • Ideal for dormant seeding and long-term protection in arid climates
  • Get faster growth and greater production than any rolled blanket or hydraulically applied mulch available
  • Nearly eliminates soil loss and lowers turbidity of wastewater runoff
  • Shown to be environmentally friendly


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