Drill Seeding

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Drill seeding utilizes a tractor with specialized equipment to uniformly create openings in the soil and plant seed. Both the depth of the seed and amount planted can be adjusted depending on application needs. Drill seeding can be an excellent cost-effective alternative to to Hydroseed/Hydromulch on large, open, level areas.

The Benefits of Drill Seeding:

  • Efficient and effective way to seed large, open, level areas
  • Great vegetative cover
  • High success rate
  • Long term effective control of erosion
  • Affordable

Placing imported, costly topsoil over depleted soil had been the standard option to establish vegetation. But drill seeding, in addition to our Hydroseed/Hydromulch option, will save money and time. Conventional drills can work in tilled or partly tilled soil. No-till drills are engineered to handle soil that has not been tilled at all, but they can work in tilled soil with the proper adjustment. 

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Drill Seed Savings!

A major reason to consider drill seeding is the savings. A typical drill seeding application can save you a lot more than if you use traditional sod. While Hydroseed/Hydromulch is a great tool for re-vegetation on non-level, constrained terrain, drill seeding can still be a great option for certain sites at a fraction of the cost.

We always recommend soil conditioning as the first step to a project. We proudly utilize ProGanics™ and Flexterra™ products from Profile® to provide the world’s most advanced engineered soil conditioning and erosion control products. ProGanics™ will accelerate development of depleted soils/substrates with low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. This Engineered Soil Media™ (ESM™) helps build soils to their fullest potential for vegetative establishment and more effective erosion control.

Download the ProGanics™ (pdf) and Flexterra™ (pdf) product brochures to learn more.


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