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Semper Fi will go to battle for you on a broad spectrum of projects

Drill Pad & Pipeline Projects

Even though considered some of the toughest projects in the industry, drill pads and pipelines are no match for us at Semper Fi. Since we started back in 2006, we have had zero call-backs on a job. Not one.

Our expertise allows us to surpass even the tough regulatory compliance associated with drill pad & pipeline projects. We work for several pipeline companies and contractors, and they represent some of our biggest jobs.

We provide services for both oil and gas line projects, and understand the delicate nature of the job. All our employees wear fire resistant suits and personal protective equipment on all these job sites. Always.

We understand the high level of safety precautions these jobs demand, because of the constant potential for danger.

Windmill Farms

We are a large and well-organized company, and this makes us perfect to tackle all of our customers’ needs, including windmill farms.

These farms typically cover 100’s of acres — very large and spread out. The windmills are sitting on a large pad that often requires hydroseeding, which is especially favorable considering the ground composition at these sites can frequently be a very rocky mixture of clay and shell.


We provide a high-quality slurry that will hold up against 3- and 4-to-1 slopes, which is necessary when applying in waterbody areas. These are typically high-erosion areas and are disturbed by earth-moving machinery.

In these areas, we provide Green Armor matting, JUTE matting, erosion control matting or Flexterra matting, which is the most cost-efficient, environmental- and animal-friendly option. Our matting is also non-toxic and can set as quickly as just one hour.

Commercial & Residential Development

We are the top choice among construction companies, landscape architects and developers when it comes to commercial and residential development. Beautiful, cost-effective vegetation solutions are par for the course when it comes to Semper Fi.

We are the experts when it comes to residential and commercial construction, erosion control, dust control, landfills, energy and pipelines, roadsides and highways, schools and universities, parks and recreation, sports fields, governmental agencies, military, fire suppression and vegetation, and stream bank stabilization.


Proud to Serve

We are located in beautiful Oklahoma, and  proudly serve all of our five state area, including Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. However, we are more than willing to take on jobs a little farther from home. If you have a project that you need done, and you want it done right, give us a call at 405-549-5437 (OKC) or 918-440-3773 (Tulsa), or fill out our Contact Form. We would love the opportunity to go to work for you.

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